Go1 Update

Step 1:

Please use your desktop or laptop to update GO1.

Click here and download the latest package.

Step 2:

Connect to the dog's wifi("Unitree_Go1******A"), and open your browser.

Visit the Update Package page at

Select the package you downloaded by clicking and upload your package to the dog by clicking .

Make sure to wait until the upload process finishes. ( dispairs after the upload process)

Step 3:

Your may need to refresh the page after uploading. Find the package you just uploaded, and click .

Wait until the update process finishes. ( dispairs after the update process)

Step 4:

Power off your robot dog, and restart the dog again. Please don't turn off the power too soon during the first restart after update. (Wait at least 3 min.)
Otherwise, you may have to redo the process again.