Unitree's story

About Unitree

Unitree Robotics is a energetic start-up company. We are striving to make our world more colorful and bring more freedom into everyday life.

Currently, we are working on researching new technologies in electromechanics and control theories to drive our development of robot dogs forward. This is not only for liberating human beings from laborious work but also for bringing smart companions to lonely fellows.

Even though we are still at a startup stage, our products have been spread worldwide and have won universal praises.

We believe that there is no shortcut for hard work that leads to effectiveness and are willing to devote everything we have behind the scenes.

Let us be united to move up the tech tree of this planet.

Company History

During his postgraduate study, Xingxing Wang, current CEO of Unitree, developed a robot dog named 'XDog' (X for a sense of mystery). A prototype as the robot is, the entire development process includes control simulation, selection of PMSMs, PCB design, single leg design and software development.

XDog and its videos are spread worldwide and gained attention in mass media. Xingxing, an employee of DJI at that time, decided to quit the job and start a company. With the help of an angel investor, Unitree was born officially.

The quadruped robot Laikago was born (named after the space dog 'Laika'). Compared with its prototype, Laikago has more reasonable shapes, more powerful motors and better stability.

Contact Us

 Phone: 0571-56716562

 QQ: 2372854443

Email: support@unitree.cc

Address: Building 1, 88 Dongliu Rd, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China